Technical SEO Audit Services

The Art and Science of Technical SEO Audits: Maximising Your Digital Performance

In today’s digital landscape, a compelling website isn’t just about eye-catching design or user-friendly interfaces; it’s also about the technical foundation on which these elements rest. A technical SEO (Search Engine Optimization) audit serves as the diagnostics test for your website, identifying strengths to leverage and weaknesses to mend. With over two decades of experience in the digital arena, I bring a depth of understanding around technical SEO that few can match. But what exactly does a technical SEO audit entail, and why is it crucial for your business? Let’s delve into the details.

What is a Technical SEO Audit?

A technical SEO audit is a comprehensive examination of your website from the perspective of search engine performance. It scrutinises multiple facets, such as site architecture, indexing, meta-data, URL structure, and much more, to ensure that your website can be easily crawled, understood, and ranked by search engines.

Why You Need One

Technical SEO audits are akin to regular health check-ups; you might feel fine, but it’s best to catch issues before they become problems. Google’s algorithm continually evolves, and staying updated with its best practices is paramount for maintaining high SERP (Search Engine Results Page) rankings.

Elements of a Successful Technical SEO Audit

Crawlability & Indexing

How easily can search engines crawl your website? Incorrect settings in your robots.txt file or meta tags can block search engines, adversely affecting visibility.

URL Structure

Are your URLs clean and SEO-friendly? A convoluted URL can confuse search engines and humans alike.

Internal Linking

How well does your content connect? Efficient internal linking not only enhances user experience but also distributes ‘link juice’ to less-visible pages, boosting their SEO value.

Page Load Speed

Slow-loading pages can frustrate users and search engines. Factors like image size, script handling, and server response can all impact page load speed.

Mobile Responsiveness

With mobile-first indexing, your website must be responsive to different screen sizes for optimal ranking and user experience.

Meta-data & Schema Markup

Meta-titles and descriptions impact click-through rates, while schema markup helps search engines understand the context of your content.

How I Can Help

With over 20 years in the industry, I offer a unique blend of technical acuity and strategic insight to navigate the complex world of SEO. My technical SEO audit involves a thorough analysis using cutting-edge tools and practices, followed by actionable recommendations tailored to your unique digital landscape. I also offer interim and fractional consultancy services, ensuring continuity and expertise throughout the audit and implementation process.

Step-by-step Process

1. **Initial Consultation**: To understand your specific business goals and the problems you’re facing.
2. **Data Gathering**: Employing tools like Google Analytics, Screaming Frog, and custom data scripts to collect a full spectrum of data.
3. **Analysis and Identification**: Uncovering issues affecting your website’s performance, from server errors to duplicate content.
4. **Action Plan**: Providing a detailed roadmap with prioritised recommendations for improvement.
5. **Implementation**: If desired, I can be involved in the hands-on aspect of implementing changes.
6. **Follow-up**: Tracking the effectiveness of the implementations and making data-backed adjustments as needed.

Case Studies

A premium manufacturing company saw a 20% increase in organic traffic and a 20% increase in sales conversion rates after implementing the changes recommended in one of my audits.

A leading online education provider experienced a 40% increase in page views and a 20% increase in user engagement after fixing the issues highlighted.

Why Choose a Premium Technical SEO Audit?

As someone deeply embedded in the complexities of digital performance, I offer premium SEO audit services for companies that recognize the value of expert input. My audits go beyond the superficial checklist; they delve into intricate details, aiming to integrate seamlessly with your existing digital strategy.


With hourly rates starting at £75, the value of a meticulous, expert-led technical SEO audit can quickly prove its worth. Businesses can often see dramatic improvements in organic search rankings, user engagement, and ultimately, revenue, making this a cost-effective investment for any company serious about maximising their digital presence.


In an increasingly competitive digital landscape, a technical SEO audit isn’t just a one-off task but an ongoing requirement. With vast experience across diverse sectors, including insurance, manufacturing, education, and e-commerce, I bring a multidisciplinary approach to solving your digital challenges.

Don’t leave your digital performance to chance; a comprehensive technical SEO audit can be the turning point in your digital strategy, unlocking new opportunities and maximizing your online potential.