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Why Employ an Interim Chief Data/Digital Officer (CDO)?

Unlocking the full potential of your organisation’s data is crucial for sustainable growth in today’s competitive landscape. By hiring an interim CDO, you gain access to specialised expertise and strategic leadership without the long-term commitment. My interim CDO services offer a cost-effective solution, allowing you to leverage the benefits of data-driven decision-making without disrupting your existing organisational structure. 

As and experienced interim CDO, I will quickly assess your data landscape, identify untapped opportunities, and develop tailored strategies to drive innovation, optimise operations, and fuel business growth. With a deep understanding of digital and data management, analytics, and technology, an interim CDO will ensure efficient data governance, streamline processes, and empower your teams with actionable insights. Whether you’re undergoing a digital transformation, facing a leadership gap, or simply seeking to elevate your data-driven initiatives, an interim CDO will provide the expertise and guidance you need. 

Jonathan Prescott Chief Digital Officer

Trust me to bridge the gap and accelerate your journey towards data-driven excellence. Contact me today to discuss how my interim CDO services can propel your organisation forward.

Examples of what I can provide as an Interim CDDO

  • Develop and implement data and digital strategies to leverage the full potential of your data assets.
  • Establish robust data governance frameworks to ensure data quality
  • Optimise data management processes and workflows to enhance operational efficiency.
  • Drive digital transformation initiatives to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.
  • Leverage advanced analytics and data-driven insights to make informed business decisions.
  • Enhance customer experience through personalised, data-driven marketing and engagement strategies.
  • Identify and implement innovative technologies and tools to drive digital innovation.
  • Identify and implement best of breed, innovative AI solutions to streamline operations
  • Streamline and optimise data infrastructure to support scalability and future growth.
  • Foster a data-driven culture and empower teams with data literacy and analytics capabilities.
  • Provide strategic leadership and guidance during periods of transition, such as leadership gaps or organisational restructuring.
  • Undertake audits, to help re-shape your teams structure and capability
chief digital officer discussing strategy

Digital and Data Projects

As an interim Chief Data & Digital Officer (CDDO), my portfolio boasts a diverse range of successful sample projects, demonstrating my expertise in driving data-driven transformations. From developing comprehensive data strategies to implementing advanced analytics solutions, I have delivered measurable results for my clients. Projects have included setting up CRO teams, implementing data and digital strategies, data governance implementation, data quality improvement initiatives, data architecture redesign, and establishment of robust digital attribution models. Through a collaborative approach and deep industry knowledge, I have helped organisations enhance decision-making, optimise operations, and unlock valuable insights from their data. Explore sample projects to witness first hand how my interim CDO services can revolutionise your data landscape and drive your business towards unprecedented success.

Contact me today to discuss your unique requirements and embark on a transformative data journey.



Boosting Digital Excellence Globally: As the Director of Digital Performance, I spearheaded a remarkable project portfolio, propelling Assurant to new heights of success. I established a cutting-edge Digital Centre of Excellence, supporting 17 countries across B2B and D2C channels, serving 8 business units, and catering to a staggering 320 million customers with annual revenues of $10 billion. Through agile methodologies and rapid workshops, I streamlined product development, reducing lead times by leveraging Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) and qualitative User Testing. My cross-functional collaboration within an Agile framework facilitated seamless white label solutions deployment on platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Darty in France. Additionally, I implemented cost-effective life cycle solutions for Social Listening, Live Chat, and Reputation Management, resulting in an annual saving of $4.4 million. 

The Royal Mint


Igniting Digital Transformation: I fostered a digital-first and customer-centric culture, delivering a comprehensive Omnichannel roadmap in an astonishing 2 years, outpacing the industry average. Through my strategic efforts, I propelled the e-commerce business to a remarkable annual revenue of £200 million. Building an exceptional, award-winning team of over 30 professionals, I transformed the customer experience program, achieving a remarkable 10% year-on-year improvement in CX. By assuming leadership of a £3.4 million marketing budget and spearheading cross-functional teams, I successfully reduced operating and development costs. Furthermore, I established an in-house acquisition team (ATL/BTL), executing impactful online advertising and acquisition campaigns, launching new digital products, and driving loyalty through BI/CRM initiatives. Leveraging data-driven insights, I led the development of and launched multiple new products, strategically repositioning the Royal Mint in lucrative sectors like the USA, Japan, online investment, B2B via APIs, and targeting parents.

Logic Software

Computer Services

Driving Innovation with AI and Growth: As interim Chief Digital Officer (CDO) & growth officer I spearheaded groundbreaking initiatives, harnessing the power of AI and machine learning (AWS) to create a family-oriented social activities app. Leading a team, I transformed the concept into a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), incorporating innovative features and utilising user testing and wireframing to ensure optimal user experience. Our expertise extends beyond development, as I successfully led investment pitches for Stage 1 funding, ensuring compliance with EIS/SEIS regulations for tax efficiency. Furthermore, I devised a comprehensive 5-year roadmap, outlining the product’s transformative growth and commercial proposition. As part of this strategic plan, I restructured the acquisition program, leveraging growth marketing techniques for increased market reach and expansion.

Cavefish AI

CDAIO for a leading edge generative AI company.

Defining product strategy and roadmap to help marketeers embrace generative AI as part of their workflows. Work included defining and implementing semantically linked geo clusters as part of a defined content roadmap, extensive LLM testing including ChatGPT, Claude, Bing, Perplexity. Full lifecycle API integration to include video and image generation.

chief digital officer (CDO_ displaying monthly metrics

Engage me as your interim Chief Digital Officer to bring extensive experience in data-driven decision-making, digital transformation, and growth strategies, enabling your business to thrive in the digital landscape through personalised experiences, optimised content, and effective decision making.

My Story

I have embarked on a remarkable professional journey into data and digital.  With over 25 years of experience it is very probable that I have tackled the same problems that you are facing today.  Some of my more recent experiences include:

Taking the reign of the first Chief Data Officer role at University of East London.  Imparting my vision of cultivating a “data first” culture, and the developed an exceptional data strategy and governance model. In order to ensure its continued success, I formed a dedicated data management working group, focusing on addressing various data-related aspects.  The University now understand and can use their data to improve education.

When at Logic Software, as the Director of Growth and Digital Transformation, I was able to harness their expertise and created a transformative roadmap to propel the company’s product and commercial growth.  Recognising the importance of an efficient acquisition program, I restructured the existing framework, breathing new life into the company’s growth marketing initiatives.  The success is seen with stable revenue streams to employ great talent customers can take advantage of.

The Royal Mint, a 1100 year old company, where ready to embracing a digital-first mindset.  My Role as Digital Director introduced a highly customer-centric culture that revolutionised the organisation engagement with customers.  Assembling a team of highly motivated and talented individual, their efforts bore fruit, as the e-commerce business grew to an impressive £200 million in annual revenue.

Driven by my entrepreneurial spirit, I founded Treecastle Digital and assumed the dual roles of Founder and Chief Digital Officer.  Leading a talented team, we embarked on a mission to develop an AI-driven app capable of identifying social activities.  Alongside this I took charge of managing investment pitches and compliance to secure funding for the project.

Just as comfortable in corporate environments, when at Assurant, a renowned S&P 350 Global Insurance company, as the Global Head of Digital Performance, I established the global Digital Centre of Excellence, fostering innovation and collaboration.  Implementing agile frameworks and solutions, I was able to streamline processes, and importantly in a competitive market significantly reducing product lead times.

Throughout my journey I have had a passion for all things data and digital.  Data-driven decision-making, and customer-centricity left an indelible and positive mark on every organisation I have worked with.


  • Growth and Innovation
    Founder of multiple start-ups and experience in supporting others through different stages
    Expertise in retail, digital consultancy, and creating business cases for investment
  • Leadership and Digital Transformation
    Led and mentored remote global teams, implementing digital best practices
    Unified teams, achieved record-breaking years, and expanded into new markets
  • Personalisation and Localisation
    Led localisation efforts across regions based on data insights
    Implemented persona-led journeys and customised experiences for audiences
  • Content Creation and Optimisation
    Implemented frameworks for delivering tangible ROI of digital assets
    Developed campaign plans based on market opportunities and data-driven insights
  • Governance and Quality Control
    Implemented robust processes for content launches and QA control
    Defined governance and data quality teams and roadmap for strategic alignment
  • Innovation and Data
    Introduced “Performance Led Thinking” framework for collaboration and testing
    Implemented data strategies, built data teams, and leveraged analytics for insights

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Certifications and Qualifications

  • Satmetrix NPS certified
  • B.Eng Computer Systems Engineering
  • MBA – Bayes Business School London